The Hollywood Road Arts Club is a members based contemporary art circle that offers special access and private after work events on how to navigate the London art market, discover new artistic talent and learn how to collect in a fun, laid-back environment. Art aficionados and beginners welcome! Events are held either along the Hollywood Road or elsewhere in London in leading and hidden galleries, private foundations and artist studios. They begin at 7pm with a cocktail hour followed by a 45 minute talk and then a Q&A. Featured events have included: The Fine Art Fund on Investing in Art; Lazarides Gallery on the Phenomenon of Street Art; Collecting Contemporary Photography; Dinner in an artist’s studio; Behind the scenes at the Royal Academy’s artist studios; Private gallery visits; VIP art fair tours and much more!

The Hollywood Road Arts Club (HRAC) was founded in 2012 by art consultant, Amanda Lambert, while she ran a pop-up gallery on the Hollywood Road where she curated exhibitions of emerging artists. Born out of a desire to share her passion for art with clients and friends and help to demystify the increasingly large, global and not always transparent art world, Amanda stared organising monthly after work events in her gallery, bringing in artists and art market professionals to speak about their practice and the art market. The aim is to bring amazing art related experiences to her members, introduce them to exciting talent and give them to the tools to build their own collection one day.  The club has grown strictly by word of mouth but all are welcome!

For more information, please email contact@hraclondon.com.

Amanda also offers art consulting services through her business A. K. LAMBERT. To contact her directly, please email her: amanda@aklambert.com.


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