Gallery 223 Summer Party


photo 1

In June, we were invited by the Gallery 223 for an experiential evening of dance performances, artist exhibitions and tarot card reading! Once the red velvet curtain was pulled back, one seemed to step back in time, into a 1940s lounge decorated with a wunderkammer assortment of scrounged furniture, taxidermy, an old piano, a bar…

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 16.31.53

Performers from Punchdrunk led us through the labyrinthine structure into rooms where a silent dinner party was acted out, painted by an artist. The dancers frantic movements suggested a sense of foreboding in the air, heightening the suspense as we walked through what felt at times like an abandoned home.

photo 2


photo 3

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

A rather unfortunate end to this performer’s fictional life…

Complementing the performance, all around us hung beautiful, provocative new work by super cool artist, Tom Leamon. It is, I think, a brilliant way to live, breathe, see and experience art around you. It’s the opposite experience from the white cubed spaces of the slick galleries of Mayfair and for that reason, I shall be coming back again soon! For more information, contact Gallery 223.

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